ADT SECURITY – Fifteen Million Homeowners CAN NOT BE Wrong

It sometimes seems that each technological advance in home security systems is eventually be matched by an advance in the know-how of the bad guys interested in home invasion for fun and profit. Interior alarm systems, security camera systems, and actual on-site security personnel are all susceptible to the ingenuity of professional home intruders, and only the most effective, most sophisticated security systems will thwart their plans.

Professionals get to be professionals by learning everything there is to learn about their trades, and keeping their knowledge current. ADT SECURITY Systems are designed by individuals who understand the determined mindset of home intruders, and put the excess mile of obstacles between them as well as your home’s safety.

The ADT Network

Your ADT SECURITY System is associated with a 24/7 network of five monitoring systems across the US. These monitoring systems can simultaneously offer you as well as your local police and fire departments notice of home intrusion.

ADT Home Security Systems include wireless sensors which guard your home’s perimeter in order that potential intruders are stopped before they ensure it is in the entranceway. adt senior discount Over four-fifths of most home invasions take place through a door used for either entering or exiting a house, and the ADT wireless sensors will let you respond to a potential intruder without ever having to go through a direct confrontation. The wireless sensors also permit easy removal and relocation.

Any would-be intruder doing surveillance on your home as a potential target will be given warning with the familiar blue-and-white ADT Home Security yard sign and window decals. A survey of convicted home intruders indicated that over 90% of these stay clear of residences that have home alarms.

Those who choose to ignore the ADT SECURITY yard sign and window decals will undoubtedly be picked up by a motion detector with a thirty-five foot radius, capable of sensing an intruder predicated on body heat, weight, and motion, so that it does not mistake your family cat leaping onto the porch or the curtains waving in the summertime breeze for an intruder. The ADT SECURITY System motion sensor is designed to minimize the chances of false alarms.

ADT Home Security Systems provide a full refund of monitoring costs and installation fees in the event that you discontinue their services within six months; if your home is successfully burglarized they will pay around $500 against your allowable; and ADT Home Security Services provides a homeowner’s insurance certificate with which you might be eligible for just as much as a 20% discount in the cost of home insurance.

ADT Home Security Systems are protecting seven million homes in america and fifteen million homed worldwide, not forgetting over one hundred airports and 1 / 2 of US banks. They must be doing something right!

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